Aligned Assessment

Odell Education (OE) recognizes the essential connections among teaching, learning, and assessment. In addition to supporting educators with curriculum and training, OE also provides design and technical assistance in the creation of a range of assessments.


OE has extensive experience in developing and reviewing materials for high-stakes, Common-Core aligned assessments. Odell Education conducted reviews of the Grades 3-8 Common Core English Language Arts and Regents Examinations to ensure alignment to the CCSS. OE has also aided in the technical design of the assessment program.
OE has also developed an interactive, online reading assessment program for America Achieves’ Raise the Bar website, where parents can obtain important information about their child’s reading ability.


OE has developed a comprehensive, criteria-based assessment system used throughout the Core Proficiencies units. As students move through increasingly complex skill sets, they use literacy skills handouts to provide useful background information about the skill they are acquiring or refining, graphic organizers (tools) to form and refine specific literacy skills, and criteria checklists to guide and evaluate written work. Formative assessments opportunities come from the use of graphic organizers such as annotation tools, tools to make claims about texts, tools to delineate arguments and checklists to participate effectively in text-based discussions. Teachers and students use criteria-based checklists to evaluate written works such as evaluative and comparative essays, and culminating classroom discussions.

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OE has created a free kit for guiding the selection of texts for use in CCSS-aligned instruction and assessment.

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