Making Evidence-Based Claims Unit
Grade 8: Truth, Chisholm, Williams

This unit develops students’ abilities to make evidence-based claims through activities based on a close reading of three texts: Ain’t I a Woman?, by Sojourner Truth; Equal Rights for Women, by Shirley Chisholm; and Wimbledon Has Sent Me a Message: I’m Only a Second-Class Champion, by Venus Williams.

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Making EBC Unit – Grade 8

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EBC Unit Plan – G8
EBC Unit Text – G08 – Truth
EBC Unit Text – G08 – Chisholm
EBC Unit Text – G8 – Williams
EBC Criteria Checklist I – G6-8
EBC Criteria Checklist II – G6-8
Forming EBC Handout
TCD Checklist
Writing EBC Handout – Williams
Evidence-Based Writing Rubric
Forming EBC Model – Truth
Making EBC Models – Truth
Making EBC Models – Chisholm
Organizing EBC Model – Chisholm
Organizing EBC Model – Williams
Written EBC Model – Chisholm
Written EBC Model – Williams
Forming EBC
Making EBC
Organizing EBC (2 Pts)
Organizing EBC (3 Pts)
Written EBC

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